Web & Digital Marketing

Proclaim is an independent specialist claim manager, providing innovative outsourced claim management services across all lines of commercial general insurance. Proclaim’s purpose is to provide a great customer experience that ‘goes beyond’ and exceeds their clients expectations.

At the time we partnered with Proclaim, they had recently built a new website through another agency. Although the website looked ok, its communications and aims were unclear; a scenario we see all to often, when the digital strategy is left on the shelf.

It didn’t clearly communicate who Proclaim is, what they do and why they’re industry leaders. The ‘who, what, how and why’ message was lost by focusing too much on themselves rather than their clients needs.

Oh, and the site did not perform well on mobile; a killer!

So UpSwing went back to the drawing board to clearly understand Proclaim’s brand values and communication goals. We created a clear strategy to redesign the homepage and re-write the key content. We dispensed with the self-promotion and focused on the audience needs instead. The result is a web presence that is more concise and targeted  in its communications and like all good sites, is a work in progress : )

That’s why UpSwing aims to be a long-term digital partner of Proclaim’s, providing managed digital marketing services in Email Marketing, Social Media & Analytics.


  • Brand Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Audience Analytics