Brand, Web & Digital Marketing Services.

We provide a range of brand, web and digital marketing services and can work ‘by the hour’ or on a fixed quote per project. We are happy to work with you on small specific tasks but our preference is to work holistically, starting from a clear digital marketing plan and developing strategies and tactics that will get the results that are aligned with your unique business needs. We also offer a range of digital marketing packages for businesses who want to spread the cost over time and achieve continual and sustained improvement. To enquire about any of our services please call our office on (03) 9699 9216 or email

We love to work with small to medium businesses who don’t have the inclination or budget to work with a highfalutin digital agencies.

Our services include

  • Content Development
  • Photography & Image Sourcing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Google AdWords & Google Remarketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Analytics & Audience Insights
  • CRM & Advanced Analytics

The UpSwing Review

The UpSwing Review is a free assessment of your current brand, marketing and website resulting in a prioritised list of simple and effective recommendations that we believe will quickly increase your brand reach, sales conversions and provide the impetus for you to become a ‘natural daily marketer’ – our ultimate objective.

Brand & Marketing Clarity Sessions

Understanding who you are, who you are communicating to and what their needs are is vitally important to your marketing success. Our 'B & M Clarity Sessions' help to develop a crystal clear brand identity and communication blueprint which enables you to confidently market your business to the audience you're targeting.

Bustling Websites

There's a huge difference between having a website that sits there like an out of date brochure in a dark cupboard and having a dynamic brochure that people are drawn to pick up, look at, engage with, share and buy from, from any device. We build stunning websites that tell the story of your business.

Savvy Social Media Support

The messages your social media networks convey are crucial to reaching and engaging new and existing audiences. Being clear on your brand and marketing is the key here and having a social media content plan and calendar are your tools to managing this without too much thought and effort. UpSwing your social media marketing today!

eCommerce & Online Stores

If you have a great product or service and can tell a great story, you can easily and cheaply start selling to the world. Web platforms like WooCommerce, Magento & Shopify allow even the smallest micro brands to think big.

Conversion Optimisation

Increasing visitors to your website or getting more likes on your post might tickle your ego, but converting those visits and likes into goals is vital. Whether your goal is more sales or more enquiries, increasing your conversion rate is the single most important task for increasing your return on investment (ROI) from your online marketing. We can help!

Google AdWords & Remarketing

Advertising on Google is by far the most effective way to reach people actively looking for your products and services. You can target your business directly to people searching for what you sell at a precise location, time and device. You control your advertising spend and can precisely measure your success. Paul is a Google AdWords Certified Expert.

Search Optimisation

Search engines are now smarter in ranking worthy sites than they used to be. That's good news for businesses with something to say and not so good for traditional SEO tactics that aim to manipulate the system. With over 200 signals in Google's search ranking algorithm, it's imperative to have the right SEO foundations and for your business to have a credible content marketing program.

Email Marketing

If done well, email is still the most effective channel for communicating with your customers/clients one to one. Increasingly your customers are in control of whether they open and read your emails so your campaigns need to be exceptional. We can help you write, craft, segment and send emails to maximise click throughs and sell more stuff!

Audience Analytics & Insights

We will develop a measurement plan tailored to your business goals. Our measurement plans allow you to see what is actually working and what's not with your web & marketing campaigns. Providing a report does not offer much value to most businesses. Rather meaningful insights are needed, on which action can be based.