About Us.

We’re a small and tight-knit, dynamic duo, driven by our passion to help small businesses like yours, thrive and prosper.

We bring personal care and accountability to each project we work on. We like to stand in your shoes and then your customers shoes. We bring positivity to our working relationships. We bring creativity, vision and technical know-how.

Typically a new project will start with us learning about your business and marketing requirements and very importantly, your brand story. More often than not, this is as revealing to you, as it is us. With the brand story clear, we then identify what marketing initiatives will best serve your business priorities, resources and budget. The initiatives that will have the most impact on your bottom line. The digital marketing campaigns that will deliver the most value to your business. We’ll document this in a dynamic (not fixed), marketing plan, which will provide you a road map and workflow for gradual and sustainable growth.

With the digital marketing plan in place, we’ll work with you in the way that best suits your business priorities, resources and budget. This can be a ‘few hours every month’ or a fixed project quote.

Ideally, we see ourselves as your own ‘in-house’ digital marketing team. As partners, guides and advocates for your business in achieving long-term success online. We aim to empower you with the tools and knowledge that will give you the clarity and confidence to become your own natural daily marketer.

When your business UpSwing’s, so does ours.

Jo Woods

Brand & Marketing Coach

Jo Woods. One half of UpSwing Digital Marketing

Paul Gleeson

Website Development. Digital Marketing. Analytics

Paul Gleeson from UpSwing Daily Marketing

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